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One of Dr. John's most requested messages is "The Judgment Seat of Jacob."  Click a link for either the video or audio of this great message.
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"A Bride for Isaac" (Genesis 24):  PDF Sermon Download - Regular $4.99   Sale: $2.49
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John Phillips was on his way to be inducted into the British army, when God spoke to his heart, saying “Your brand of Christianity will never make it once you’re in the army.” He determined on that train trip to commit his life totally to Christ. When he went to his assigned barracks, he opened his Bible and placed it face-up on his bed. God honored his commitment, and he was never ridiculed.

From that point on, John’s life was completely available to God. Many incredible years passed, as God led this man who was yielded to Him.

This website is the culmination of the efforts of those who knew and loved him, to make available to the world the labors of his lifetime in books written and sermons preached. Come with us as we join John Phillips in exploring the Word.

Today's Devotional

I Kings 19:1-16

What doest thou here, Elijah?" The question is asked twice in less than half a dozen verses. And the prophet gives the same sad reply both times. It is often helpful, in opening… continue reading »