John Phillips is a master artist; paper is his canvas, words are his oils, and the pen is his brush. With these instruments he has produced the Exploring Commentaries, other books and hundreds of powerful messages from the Word of God. John Phillips' resources have been the companions of pastors, teachers and Bible students everywhere who have turned to them for instruction, illumination, illustration, and even alliteration - and they haven’t gone away disappointed!

About the Ministry

John Phillips authored more than fifty books about the Bible, including a completer set of New Testament Commentaries, along with many books of the Old Testament. Lehman Strauss, renowned author-preacher, stated that Dr. Phillips’ two-volume set of commentaries on Psalms was the finest since Charles Spurgeon’s Treasury of David. Many other Bible scholars have remarked that nothing compares to his commentaries on Proverbs. John believed that the greatest disservice a teacher or preacher could render to those he sought to enlighten was that of making the Bible “boring.”