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Insights: The Life Of John Phillips (Part 12)

Continued insights into the life and ministry of Dr. John Phillips
It was with joy that John became acquainted with preachers in the south.  They loved his sermons, and from all appearances, the southern folks loved his English accent.  The books…

The Lord of the Storm

A biblical devotional from Dianna Lightfoot.
  When I was nine years old I went to Camp Joy, but it was not a joy.  I was afraid, homesick and looked forward only to the day when my parents would come and take me home.  Fi…

A Mother's Day Tribute: Betty Lightfoot-Phillips

Article submitted by Dianna Lightfoot, the stepdaughter of John Phillips. A great tribute to her mother, Betty Lightfoot-Phillips, wife of Dr. John Phillips.
by Dianna Lightfoot Betty Lightfoot-Phillips, wife of the late Dr. John Phillips, is my mother.  They were married in 1998, and what a team they made!  He often said, “Your mot…