Dr Phillips , I have read you OT character Vol-1, It is great , Really seen Gods Guidance while reading it and when preaching with the help of this notes . Thank you very much for such in depth devotional exploring the word of God. I would like to have all your books in the form of DVD , where can I get the total set inclusive your sermon set..
– Vinod Kumar Gali
Vinod Kumar Gali
Hyderabad , India
I was blessed 11 years ago by my Pastor and best friend, Pastor Zane Talley who handed me a book on Mathew from Dr. John Phillips. I prayed that the LORD would make me hungry for HIS WORD and, with Dr. John Phillips, I have become over weight! From Catholic to Baptist and 42 of his books later, I am more hungry then ever. I could never be more blessed then GOD allowing me to meet a man named Dr. John Phillips, I can still hear him say ( AND BLESSED FOR EVERMORE )
– James A DuBois
John Phillips was my stepfather, and the finest man I've ever known. It was both an honor and a privilege to have him in our family. He was the same man in private and in public, genuine, humble and kind. His lifetime of dedication to studying, and writing about God's Word in eloquent, understandable language is evident in the fascinating books he wrote, like one I'm currently reading, "Revelation."
– Dianna Lightfoot
The works of Dr. Phillips have been a great tool and resource for me, as I developed my expositional skills. His commentaries are unlike most others. Although they do not contain much of the "technical" materials that others do, his are so full of biblical depth that the text of the Scriptures come to life. He had a unique capability to uncover biblical "nuggets" that are so easily missed by others.

I count it a great privilege to have heard him and known him. I pray that the impact of his works will be felt for generations to come.
– Dr. Marty O. Wynn
Community Baptist Church
Columbus, GA
I use Dr. Phillips books before writing most sermons I preach!
Not only do I own almost his whole commentary collection, I have had the privilege of hearing him preach in person several times. One of the greatest expository sermon I've EVER heard was when he preached "Revelation In One Hour!"
It was live and ministry changing for me!
– Jim Hazelwood
Fulton Springs Baptist Chuch
Fultondale, AL
Recently I was talking to missionaries and we were discussing who we like to read. We were all in agreement that our favorite author/commentator for the book of Psalms is John Phillips!
– Pastor Tim W.
Owosso, MI
I always tell my Bible study class that I use Dr. Phillips’ books, and I recommend that they purchase them too. I have found his books to be a fantastic resource; it feels like they were written just for me!
– Dr. John Whiffen
Malibu, CA
I have enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had to hear you in person. The Lord has always used you to challenge and bless my heart. Thank you for the kind, generous gift of your work!
– Pastor Marvin Carson
Grace Baptist Church
Bowling Green, Ky
I will always treasure the fellowship, advice and mentoring I have received from John Phillips. He was such a friend to our church and to me personally.
– Pastor Steve Quen
Chinese Bible Church
San Leandro, CA
Dr. Phillips was a special friend to me, and his writings have greatly influenced my ministry through the years. I will always be grateful that I had the privilege to know him and benefit from his insight into the Word of God.
– Bob Woods
Executive V.P. Emeritus
Bob Jones University
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