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John Phillips is a master artist; paper is his canvas, words are his oils, and the pen is his brush. With these instruments he has produced the Exploring Commentaries, other books and hundreds of powerful messages from the Word of God. John Phillips' resources have been the companions of pastors, teachers and Bible students everywhere who have turned to them for instruction, illumination, illustration, and even alliteration - and they haven’t gone away disappointed!

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Jesus Our Lord: 24 Portraits of Christ Throughout Scripture

"Jesus is Lord" has been traditionally understood as one of the oldest and most basic Christian statements of faith. Unlike many other terms given to Jesus (i.e., "Son of God"), however, the term "Lord" is relatively common and its meaning is sometimes lost on the modern reader. What does "lordship" involve? What does it mean for us? Why does the Bible so frequently use this title for Jesus?

Jesus Our Lord shows readers how we are never far from encountering the lordship of Christ in the Scriptures. Respected teacher John Phillips explores how the Bible provides a window through which we encounter Jesus our Lord, and discusses the many biblical events, stories, and prophecies that reflect his lordship. Meditating on these themes, lay readers, pastors, and teachers will better understand the lordship of Christ.

Jesus Our Lord is a companion volume to Phillips's The View from Mount Calvary, which looks at the Bible's many presentations of Jesus' sacrificial death.

John Phillips Audio and Video Sermons

The name John Phillips is synonymous with Expository Preaching. He is known for his faithfulness to the text, blending of scriptures, and rich, meaningful exposition. Now experience Dr. Phillips for yourself with these 25 complete conference messages.

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Men Who Met The Master

It all happened so long ago! But Jesus really did live down here on earth in a body of flesh and blood, just like ours. The people who crossed His path were real people with hopes and ambitions, passions, sorrows, shortcomings and virtues, just like ours.

In this study, six men have been selected who had contact with the Lord Jesus in events surrounding His death. What did these men do in this golden moment of opportunity? Well some reacted against Him; others came out boldly for Him.

Study the brief sketches of these six men. Three of them were eternally blessed for their response; the other three have had many centuries to regret their treatment of Him. Then ask yourself—what is your response to Jesus Christ?

I'll Take The High Road

The road to heaven begins at the cross, the place where Jesus died to bring us to God. But as a believer, how do you measure your progress along the Christian pathway? How do you know you're growing in your spiritual faith?

This 12-chapter course will guide you in answering these questions. First you will review the work of Jesus Christ at the cross. Next you will study other areas of the Christian life including assurance of salvation, Bible study, knowing God's will, and sharing your faith.

You Can Live Forever

Using a question and answer technique, this study will help you understand the answers to some of life’s greatest questions: What is God like? Is the Bible God’s Word? What is man’s destiny? Can we be certain of life after death?

Find the answers to your questions by studying this course!

100 Bosquejos de sermones del Antiguo Testamento (Spanish Edition) by Phillips, John (2008) Paperback

100 Bosquejos de sermones del Nuevo Testamento (Spanish Edition)

Una colección de bosquejos para pastores ocupados por uno de los más conocidos maestros de la Biblia. Algunos de los bosquejos son cortos y al punto, otros son más profundos y largos. Todos ayudarán al predicador a desarrollar mensajes poderosos que cambian vidas. Entre ellos incluye mensajes acerca de: El bautismo de Jesús, el tonto rico, la mujer en el muro y muchos más. Disponible en inglés de Kregel Publications. [A collection of outlines for busy preachers by one of today's most popular Bible teachers and conference speakers, John Phillips. Some of the outlines are short and to the point, while others are longer and more detailed, but all of them will help the preacher build and deliver powerful, life-changing messages. Topics include: The Lord's Baptism, The Rich Fool, The Woman at the Wall, and many more.]

Como entender e interpretar la Biblia (Spanish Edition)

Una orientación acertada y sensible para ayudar a todo creyente a investigar las escrituras y descubrir sus significados y trascendencia. Dr. Phillips provee las reglas elementales para el estudio de la Palabra de Dios. Él introduce los grandes principios de la interpretación bíblica; enseña cómo entender los símbolos de pactos y exenciones, parábolas y profecías en la Biblia y ofrece recursos prácticos tales como una reseña de las escrituras, armonía de los evangelios y un resumen de la historia de la Biblia.

La Vision de la cruz a traves de las Escrituras (The View from Mount Calvary) (Spanish Edition)

Sin Jesús, la Biblia carece de sentido. Sin su muerte expiatoria en la cruz, la Biblia no marca la diferencia. El renombrado comentarista bí­blico John Phillips recorre toda la Biblia y demuestra cómo la muerte de Jesús en el monte Calvario es el hilo central en sus diversas secciones, libros y temas. Without Jesus, the Bible makes no sense. And without his atoning death on the cross, the Bible makes no difference. Renowned Bible commentator John Phillips surveys the entire Bible and shows how its many sections, books, and subjects all revolve around the death of Jesus on Mt. Calvary.