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A Bride for Issac


Genesis 24

  1. Abraham the Wise Sojourner
  2. Eleazar the Wondrous Servant
  3. Laban the Worldly Sinner
  4. Rebekah the Willing Sister
  5. Isaac the Waiting Son



II Samuel 2:4; 8; 3:1, 17-18; 27-29 31-34 38-39

  1. How He Fought David
  2. Why He Sought David
  3. What He Brought David

Abraham on Mt Moriah



  1. The Sudden Test For Which God Had Prepared Him
  2. The Simple Trust In Which God Had Perfected Him
  3. We Have Set Before us
    1. The Way to the Cross
    2. The Word of the Cross
    3. The Work of the Cross
  4. The Solemn Truth By Which God Had Protected Him

Baptism of Holy Spirit


In a previous sermon about the ministry of the Holy Spirit I only mentioned the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This has become a subject of unnecessary controversy in the Church… apparently because of confusion as to what it IS and, God's clear delineation of its purpose. I will, first, give a brief review of the all-encompassing ministry of the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Triune God. Then I will go into more detail concerning the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Floodtides of His Wrath


Psalm 69

  1. Overview of the Entire Psalm
  2. Tearful Cry: A Tragic Victim (vs. 1-21)
    1. Sin Was Destroying Him (vs. 1)
    2. Sin Was Defiling Him (vs. 2a)
    3. Sin Was Drowning Him (vs. 2b)


  1. The Tragedy in Hosea's Home Life (Ch. 1-3)
  2. The Tragedy in Hosea's Home Land (Ch. 4-14)
    1. A Polluted People (Ch. 4-8)
    2. A Punished People (Ch. 8-10)
    3. A Pardoned People (Ch. 4-14)
  3. Hosea shows us that God's love:
    1. Is An Absolute Love
    2. Is An Abiding Love
    3. Is An Abandoning Love
    4. Is An Abounding Love
    5. Is An Abstaining Love
  4. Hosea shows us that God's love:
    1. Cannot Condone Sin
    2. Cannot Cancel Consequences of Sin
    3. Hosea Teaches Us that God IS Love.

Judgment Seat of Jacob


I have a difficult subject this morning.  I'm going to speak on the Judgment Seat of Christ.  The trouble with speaking on the Judgment Seat of Christ is that we need to precede our remarks with a little bit of very basic hermeneutics.  One of the things we have to do in studying the Word of God is to make a difference where God makes a difference. 


  1. How the Relationship Commenced
    1. His Father's Conversion
    2. His Own Condition
      1. Barred from David
      2. Brought to David 
  2. How the Relationship Cultivated
    1. The Possessions David Gave Him
    2. The Position David Gave Him
  3. How the Relationship Criticized
  4. How the Relationship Confessed

Ministry of The Holy Spirit


We're living in strange days; whoever would have thought a group would come to town and encourage their people to bark like dogs and laugh like hyenas and then claim that they were doing it in the power of the Holy Spirit.  That's about as close to the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit that you could possibly get.

Pontius Pilate


Rome divided its vast Empire which stretched from the English Channel to the gates of Mesopotamia into Provinces. There were two kinds of Provinces.

  1. There were the senatorial provinces - the older, more settled areas which were administered by the Roman Senate.
  2. And the imperial provinces, less pacified areas where at any time military intervention might be required in order to restore order.  These were under the direct control of the Emperor.