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Insights: The Life of John Phillips (Part 11)

Betty Phillips on Aug 16, 2017

John had been the chief-assistant in the Accounting Department of Moody Bible Institute (MBI) for approximately ten years.  It was easy for him since he had been trained for that kind of work most of his adult life.  His skill left the chief Accountant free to do whatever he pleased.  John was happy to absorb books from the library whenever he had free time.  Later, when the chief Accountant retired, John supposed that he would be given that position.  Instead, a younger man with academic credit was appointed.  John, incensed by what he considered an unfair decision, resigned his post, although there was not another position to which he could turn.

Apparently MBI did not relish losing this committed and well-taught Christian who had represented the Institute so well, teaching night classes, writing articles for their magazine, and already speaking on the Moody Bible radio program.  Furthermore, John had been preaching the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ every Sunday morning and Sunday night, to various churches that the school had sent him to, with absolute confidence that MBI was being well-represented. 

John had already decided to move to the south…Marietta, GA, to be specific, when the Institute offered to pay all expenses for the move if John would permit MBI to send him out as their representative to the various churches….an astonishing proposition to a man who had been praying for God’s leading and help.  Further, the school knew that there was not the slightest difference in his doctrinal position, and that of Moody Bible Institute!

But…there was a monstrous problem in the way.  The house!  John knew he must sell the house before he moved anywhere…and that house had always been an eyesore.  He had painted it, but it was still an ugly house.  To make bad matters worse, the highway department was in the process of adding two new lanes to the highway in front of theirs and their neighbor’s homes.  John had come to share the news with Jean about MBI’s offer, when a knock came on their door.  It was the next door neighbor who had come to visit them with a pleading request.  Their daughter and family had always wanted to live next door to them.  Their plea was: “If you ever decide to sell your home, would you please allow my family to have first choice?”   

How’s that for a God who answers prayers….and when needed, quickly!  John had been pondering Psalms 119, especially verses 9-16“Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?  By taking heed according to Thy Word.  With my whole heart have I sought Thee; Oh, let me not wander from Thy commandments.  Thy Word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against Thee.  Blessed art Thou, Oh Lord; teach me Thy statutes.” 

The Psalmist continues, and anyone interested can read on.

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