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Publish or Perish

mwynn on Aug 28, 2015

The ministry of Dr. John Phillips was one of passion for the Word of God. He invested countless hours in the study of the Scriptures, as he sought to uncover every precious jewel and connect its truths from Genesis to Revelation. While speaking with his wife, Betty, she once told this writer, “John was not one to play golf, go fishing, or other recreational habits of men and preachers. He would always return to his hotel room and give himself to study. It thrilled him like nothing else.” He certainly had a commitment to the Scriptures, and he was a gifted orator in the communication of biblical truths.

Our generation is greatly blessed that Dr. John heeded the old adage that says “Publish or Perish.” When the Lord called him home several years ago, we were not left void of the toil of his labors. He published the “Exploring” series of Bible Commentaries. His pen served like the brush of the artist, as he eloquently painting biblical truths on the canvas of his writing. His commentaries are unique in that they can be easily read; much like a person would any book by the fireside. Yet, the pages of his script are filled with nuggets of biblical gold.

He also published devotional books, books about the cross, sermons and more. This writer, for one, is so grateful to have known Dr. Phillips and to have his resources at my fingertips. They have provided much help in the preparation of sermons and more.

If you have not been introduced to the works of Dr. John, you should immediately do so. If you are a preacher or teacher, acquainting yourself with his writings will enhance the depth of your preaching or teaching. No biblical teacher or preacher should be without the works of John Phillips.

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